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The Mission of the Center for Neurological Studies is: to advance the understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders through the use of advanced neuroimaging methods and to translate new insights into improved diagnosis and outcome.

Brain Injury in the News


Judge approves NFL preliminary approval for compensation for thousands of former NFL players for concussion-related claims….

Debate regarding the health effects of concussions on American football players has caused considerable controversy. Concussions and other types of play-related traumatic brain injuries had been


John “Frenchy” Fuqua Gives A “Tell All” About His Recovery

Neurological problems are not uncommon in football stars, or any athlete that has played in contact sports.  Recently, studies have identified a condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy


News Video: ‘Landmark Study’ Focuses on NFL Players Brains

Dr. Benson talks with a reporter about The Center for Neurological Studies' work in analyzing the brains of ex-NFL players: (Click here to watch the video)

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