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The Mission of the Center for Neurological Studies is: to advance the understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders through the use of advanced neuroimaging methods and to translate new insights into improved diagnosis and outcome.

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After our football careers, so many of us retired pro players have had to rely on partnering with a healthcare professional for the many struggles we face. My relationship with Dr. Benson has been a lifesaver. His advice to me has helped in every aspect of my life, whether I’m planning something major like a trip to meet up with Steelers’ players from my day, to understanding why my brain makes me act the way I do, to following along in a conversation—everything. I’ve told other retired pros to seek help from Benson. He’s helped improve my quality of life, I know Dr. Benson can do the same for them and for anyone else who’s had problems with brain injury.

− John “Frenchy” Fuqua, retired NFL running back, Pittsburgh Steelers

John “Frenchy” Fuqua